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The Andy Fordham Viking cup event raise £10,000 which enabled us to improve the lives of three more handicapped children. Thank you all who participated and, of course, the organisers and helpers. 

Please send any info to us as news is quite scarce nowadays. Also, any photos or articles about your team you would like published.


Lovely to hear from Chris Johns. He has regained his taste for the sport and has been recapturing his old form. So much so that he recently was given a tour abroad with a future opportunity to go to the USA. The Clown Prince of Wales remains his inimitable cheeky self and is, he tells me, thoroughly enjoying his darts again. Bless you, Chris, the sport needs personalities such as yourself, long may you reign.                                                                                            

Should you have any event news that you wish publicised by us, please let me know -- It will be our pleasure. Should you wish to publicise your team with a photo and any relevant details just call, email or write.

To prove a point about our Charity having no International boundaries --                                        





STOP PRESS - latest news

I cannot tell you just how much the Heart of Darts has changed our lives You are in OUR hearts forever..
I was gobsmacked how quickly and simply you brought such great happiness to my son and all of us after we had battled the NHS for nearly 2 years getting excuses after excuses when they should have supplied it straight away. Please thank everyone for us,  I can not find the right words.

Long live Heart of Darts - true life changers. Eternal luck and love to all darters and fans.

Your fantastic charity lifted our daughter and the whole family out of a very dark place.

I am living again, not just existing, thanks to you buying the vital equipment for me.

After many refusals of help by the authorities you came like a host of Angels and lifted us from despair.

Your wonderful Charity is the closest thing to Heaven on earth thanks to how you helped when nobody else did.

God bless every single person that gave to your wonderful charity to help my beautiful daughter get some meaning and pleasure out of life after so long in a meaningless wilderness. PLEASE, PLEASE thank everyone for supporting the Heart of Darts Charity and tell them that they cannot possibly fully know the happiness they bring into the world and especially to people like us that thought we were fighting a lonely and losing battle where nobody cared. You gave us a real life miracle.

​I am still in a state of amazement at how quickly and kindly you delt with our cry for help. Our wonderful son and all the family will be forever grateful. Thank you is far from being enough for the way you have changed our lives.

We tell everyone how fantastic The Hear of Darts is. I am now terrorizing the villagers with my new found freedom. I feel like Lewis Hamilton winning a Grand prix everyday, God Bless you all.

A bit of fun at the Heart of Darts Masters. Watch and enjoy Wayne Mardle's antics. Incidentally, Kevin is our Masters Champion -- Thanks boys.

TELE : 020 8508 0751

EMAIL: heartofdartsianw@aol.co.uk

address : 71 Valley Hill Loughton Essex IG10 3AT

 Reg Charity number : 1100678

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