​The English Darts Organisation (EDO) have adopted our Charity and cancer research for two years. Our logo will be displayed boldly at all EDO events and our merchandise will be on sale.

     This is great news and very uplifting. Thanks a million on the board and especially to the two Pauls who played a big part in promoting us to the EDO. I know it is a winning combination and will only enhance the repations of the organisations and people involved. Bless us all.

     The northern parts of England are becoming a hot bed for the Heart of Darts thanks to the great promotional work of World Champion Glen Durrant who has also adopted us. Keep and eye on our facebook page for up to date happenings. If you get a chance please thank this charming man for his outstanding support and the money he is raising to help the disabled. A true Heart of Darts gent , bless him.


Our flashlight keyrings are a huge success so much so the we have sold out two deliveries and just ordered a few hundred more. High street stores are selling similer products for £4-7, so at £2 each ours are a realsnip. Ours was a special deal, so i am not sure we can keep the at this price after these are sold out. It is a similar story with the pens - a metal pen with stylus for £2 is another "give away". 

    We make a few pence profit, but think is is a grear way of advertising, so everyone benefits. Pick them up from our Ambassadors, Essex co Darts stall or from head office. If the latter please add £1.20 p&p for any quantity up to 10 pens. All cheques to the Heart of Darts, please. 

 Paul Brown our Entrepreneurial Ambassador has raised well over £37,000, a fantastic achievement. Glad to have you on board, Paul. He will gladly stage a fundraiser with you if you wish. Contact him via our Facebook Page.

We have awarded brand new designed STAR PINS to Donnie Vickers, Kevin Stammers, Jenny and Andy Fordham , Paul Brown and Ian Waller each of whom has individually been responsible for raising more than £10,000 for our Charity.


We continue to supply wheelchairs and other ESSENTIAL medical aids , thanks to your generosity. 

Our Heart Of Dart pins continue to be in demand. If you are having problems buying them apply to The Heart Of Darts , 71 Valley Hill Loughton Essex IG10 3AT. They cost just £2 each plus £1.20 p&p regardless of how many ordered. Cheques made payable to the Heart Of Darts please.

Here are a couple of pics of Darren Agar , our disabled darts star. With his special wheelchair bought with your donations, supplied by GBL our main and most trusted wheelchair supplier.We were alerted to Darren's plight by Glen Durrant. The delighted Darren can now pursue his sporting career comfortably.

Here is Tommy , a bunddle of mischief, enjoying his £6000 plus wheelchair. Great !

STOP PRESS - latest news

TELE : 020 8508 0751

EMAIL: heartofdartsianw@aol.co.uk

address : 71 Valley Hill Loughton Essex IG10 3AT

 Reg Charity number : 1100678

Congratulations to Ellie, Paul's daughter in qualifying for Bridlington. There is definitely a new star on show. Best of luck darling.

Ryan from GBL and Darren

I cannot tell you just how much the Heart of Darts has changed our lives You are in OUR hearts forever..
I was gobsmacked how quickly and simply you brought such great happiness to my son and all of us after we had battled the NHS for nearly 2 years getting excuses after excuses when they should have supplied it straight away. Please thank everyone for us,  I can not find the right words.

Long live Heart of Darts - true life changers. Eternal luck and love to all darters and fans.

Your fantastic charity lifted our daughter and the whole family out of a very dark place.

I am living again, not just existing, thanks to you buying the vital equipment for me.

After many refusals of help by the authorities you came like a host of Angels and lifted us from despair.

Your wonderful Charity is the closest thing to Heaven on earth thanks to how you helped when nobody else did.

God bless every single person that gave to your wonderful charity to help my beautiful daughter get some meaning and pleasure out of life after so long in a meaningless wilderness. PLEASE, PLEASE thank everyone for supporting the Heart of Darts Charity and tell them that they cannot possibly fully know the happiness they bring into the world and especially to people like us that thought we were fighting a lonely and losing battle where nobody cared. You gave us a real life miracle.

​I am still in a state of amazement at how quickly and kindly you delt with our cry for help. Our wonderful son and all the family will be forever gratful. Thank you is far from being enough for the way you have changed our lives.

We tell everyone how fantastic The Hear of Darts is. I am now terrorizing the villagers with my new found freedom. I feel like Lewis Hamilton winning a Grand prix everyday, God Bless you all.

We have a great supplier of aid equipment from wheelchairs to stair lifts in Essex. Freedom-4-U are a family concern based in Walton on the Naze and are extremely helpful and reasonable with pricing too. Contact them on 01255 851 151 with any enquiries and mention The Heart of Darts for priority service.

Abit of fun at the Heart of Darts Masters

Here are some more quotes from other recipients ......