Just to let you know .............

Here are some of the things we have bought. They Cost thousands of pounds, but are worth a fortune to the recipients: 

An Eyegaze machine

- Wheelchair hoist 

- Electric riser bath

- Safespaces 

- Safety car seat and harness  

- Voice augmenter

- Safety mats 

- Custom trikes

- lifestand machines

- powered wheelchairs

- a safety support seat

- a riser/recliner/massage chair

- a special sling support

- several custom built wheelchairs

- P-pod safety chair

- sprung wheelchair 

- custom built safety buggies

-stair lifts

-a safety exercise trike 

-a riser bath and accessories 

-support stands  for c.p. children

-mechanical wheelchair adaptor kits 

All our people suffer from terrible disabilities and these things will now give them a much better quality of life which will also help there families and carers. Our beneficiaries are from all over, North , South, East and West - We do not discriminate. It is the cause that matters, not the area.

   Well done everybody , we are all so proud of you. Your donations and gifts are our life blood , bless you all.

TELE : 020 8508 0751

EMAIL: heartofdartsianw@aol.co.uk

address : 71 Valley Hill Loughton Essex IG10 3AT

 Reg Charity number : 1100678

Maisie in her bath safety unit


" I love it so much , i dont want to get out , love from leon."

Michael the supplier , Truide and Robert

 "We would just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone from Heart Of Darts for their tremendous support and help, we would also like to thank Freedom 4 U for supplying the electric wheelchair. We would highly recommend Heart Of Darts to everyone and found them to provide services above and beyond what was expected."