Andy Fordham -  World Ambassador                                    
 Known throughout the world of darts, BDO World Champion Andy is a Trustee.
Andy's name alone is a benefit. His involvement, however, goes much deeper. 

'The Viking' has encouraged not just other "stars" but many other people to "come on board"! The sensitivity of this gentle giant may not be a first impression but is such an asset in deciding where to help and acts as a stimulant to his dedication. An honest and true figurehead. 

Jenny Fordham - Chief Appeals Co-ordinator

Trustee Jenny does a great job co-ordinating the many appeals that we receive. Her wisdom and advice is invaluable to the Chairty. 

Together with Andy she represents everything good about The Heart Of Darts and is Andy's rock.

Ian Waller -  Founder, Chairman and Trustee.  

Ian's 12 year involvement with Barts Hearts and over 55 years of charity work generally, provide invaluable experience.  In business he was the youngest Executive in the City and West End so has a fine grasp on how to run an organisation correctly and efficiently.  Having 'died' five times, Ian appreciates how precious quality of life is and first hand experience aids his judgement.

Joan Waller - Secretary

Marriage to Ian for over 50 years proves her stamina, resilience and patience!  Over the years, Joan has aided and supported her husband through illnesses from open heart surgery, diabetes, limbs bones disease, head tumor to cancers.  This has given her a wide grasp and understanding of the many stresses and tribulations faced by sufferers and their families.   Who better to understand and advise her fellow trustees? Joan has previous secretarial experience in the world of darts and completes the board of Trustees.

 Sue Baker – Charity Support Officer

This is a brand new post and we are delighted to appoint sue as our first recipient. Full details and photo to follow.
Sue has supported us from day one. Her bubbly personality and charm coaxes hundreds of pounds in donations and sale of merchandise. This lovely lady will contiue to be a huge asset to us and we are delighted she has agreed to join us.

Les Miller  - Ambassador

Entrepreneur and long time supporter to The Heart Of Darts, Les is our Thames Valley Co-ordinator.
His likeable personailty,  fairmindedness and organisational skills have and will continue to benefit our Charity immensely. Les has raised thousands for our Charity and is responsible for the players at Lakeside displaying our pins on their shirts. This is a huge publicity coup for the Heart Of Darts. Well done and Thank you Mr Ambassador.

Deta Headman - Ambassador

Deta is known world wide and is the most successful lady dart player ever due to her sport longevity and the sheer number of major competitions  she has won .Having supported our Charity from inception we are so grateful that Deta has agreed to be a recognised Ambassador for us. This gracious lady has pledged 2.5% of all her winnings to our Charity, bless her.

Colleen and Jim Wheldon - Ambassador

Old friends of the Charity, this lovely couple have raised thousands for us and are well known in the Essex area for fund raising as are Ambassadors Deta and Sue. I know they will complement each other and all work well together not only in the East of England, but nationally and internationally. Welcome.

Ty Waller -  chauffeur

Ty is the unpaid chauffeur to the Chairman. Without his services Ian would not be able to attend so many events. We are particularly indebted to this very personable young man. 

Lewis Waller - website manager 

Lewis is responsible for running and updating the website - a vital part of The Heart of Darts organisation. He can be contacted via the website or Head Office.

Alison Ward -  accountant/auditor

We are also indebted to Alison for 17 years of valuable advice and guidance. This lovely lady can be contacted at TELE: 0208 505 4207, should you need an expert auditor.

Deta Headman

TELE : 020 8508 0751


address : 71 Valley Hill Loughton Essex IG10 3AT

 Reg Charity number : 1100678

Jill and Les Miller