Hello darlings.

We all miss our beloved sport. The lack of social contact, enjoyment, competition, getting out of the house -- so much revolves around darts. The Charity, too, has suffered financially. Obviously with no gatherings there Is no chance of raising money. 

Due to shrewd planning and foresight, the Trustees ensured we had a reserve for such situations. So, we have been able to fulfil the applications we received, helped greatly by a huge donation from Anne, one of Gentleman Dan Day's sponsors. 

In the last two months we have bought two Safespaces and a trike. The Safespace Is like a room within a room, but built so the occupant cannot hurt themselves and they feel completely protected and happy. Cost new is approx £7,000 each, the NHS and Social Services will not help. The safety trike was custom made, total cost £1800 -- again no help. The government does not consider our children's welfare important, but have sent 93 MILLION POUNDS to India who have their own space programme and more millionaires than the UK. They even sent nearly £200 THOUSAND to China to research habits of the Kimono Dragon ! If they had any conscience or sense of loyalty and justice the position would be reversed. 

Ivory towers?

My other rant Is the latest craze sweeping the nation. The Heart of Darts say ALL LIVES MATTER. We do not discriminate at all by race, creed, situation or colour. We treat every application with respect, dignity and fairness. We will continue to judge on merit, nothing else. Our latest buys have helped an English lad, a Jamaican lad and a Scottish lass. Your Charity will NEVER discriminate and neither, I believe, will you, our loyal supporters. 

Stay safe and well, darlings, we are not out of the woods yet.

As ever, you have my eternal thanks, love 'n' hugs, your friend and Chairmen,



Speaking of lockdown -- 

Here we are, another day, loads to do, both work and play. 

Do some weeding, tidy the yard, watch TV -- the choice is hard.

I could mend that chair's broken arm, washing the car wouldn't do any harm.

Is it tea or a tipple to quench my thirst? Trouble Is I'll have to get out of bed first.

​To prove a point about our Charity having no International boundaries --  

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