Hello darlings, everywhere. 

I begin this time with good news. Two of our most loyal supporters have been given the International recognition they deserve. Gentleman Dan Day, the new Swedish Open Champion has been selected to join and represent the England Darts Team. All round nice guy Matt Doe is not only selected, but will captain our England Disabled Darts Team. 

Both these chaps have earned their honours with consistent brilliance and i am sure we all wish them the very best of fortune as they join Ambassadors Deta and Glen in representing their country. They face a bright, successful future. Well done, lads. 

Deta and Glen continue their winning ways securing yet more titles and making us even prouder of them and their undying support for our Charity. Thanks and blessings, dear ones.

Did you know that as a PayPal customer you can nominate The Heart Of Darts as your chosen Charity? We have recently received a PayPal Giving Fund check. Perhaps you would enquire how to establish your preference next time you deal with them? We will be so grateful, thank you.

Last year you raised £27,513 and we spent £36,341 on equipment. Good job we had a reserve from 2016. We have paid out more then £17,000 so far this year on equipment for five worthy applications. Remember the ripple effect, my darlings. We helped a disabled person which lightens the load and gladdens the heart of them, their family, careers, specialists and friends. With one act of kindness many people have a touch of sunshine added to their lives. I know this because of the letters, emails and phone calls i receive. It always lifts us Trusties, our Ambassadors, fund raises and helpers as well -- I hope it does the same for you.

I am still compiling my list for Heroes awards. Sorry it is taking a long time, but their are so many for consideration and i am trying hard not to offend anyone who does not get named. Truth is, I think you are all heroes for your loyalty and support, but now and again I encounter someone who has gone above and beyond -- usually at great physical cost to themselves. I feel sure you will understand my quandry. I want the title to really mean a lot to the recipient and to act as encouragement to others. 

With a few exceptions, we are quite lethargic in recognising self achievement. Sometimes we need someone else to praise our worth or self sacrifice to realise we have done something special. Too often and we are too modest to admit that however strenuous -- physical, mental or financial -- the things we do to help others maybe, we are determined enough to get the job done. 

I put on record now: I am well aware of the hard work and sacrifice involved and I love, thank and admire you all for doing it. 

One more apology -- sorry for not updating the site more regularly. I have lost my website wizard -- Too many other commitments to maintain regular visits. Best wishes to Maisie and many thanks for her work over the years. I am hopeful that another wizard will come to my rescue -- time and Lewis will tell. 


                                 Bless you all, my darlings , many thanks for

                                    gladdening my reconditioned old heart,

                                               lots of love 'n' hugs 




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