Hello darlings, everywhere. 

​it is official - our Charity is tops for spending your money where it is meant to go. The latest Charity Comission summary confirms we spend 99.5p in the pound on our causes comparing money spent  to the money collected. Yes, we keep our expenditure down to almost nothing through shrewd management , no wages, no ridiculous expense claims or hidden 'overheads' plus the generosity of kind folk who donate pens, paper, envelopes, etc. So, special thanks to all our Trustees , Officers and supporters - you are all stars. If you feel to give any item to help cut costs even further it will be gratefully received.

     Our funds are also boosted by monthly covenants from people who have discovered how little of their monthly £10 donations are actually spent on causes they supported via more well known, emotive charities. As little as 2p per pound can reach research or beneficiaries --  the balance being spent on overheads and agents who command high wages and claim ludicrous expenses all paid for by public donations.

      The Heart of Darts does not discriminate on illness or disabilites. We help everyone that meets our criteria and we strive to bring help as quickly as possible, without fuss.Nobody gets or claims a wage, we have no hidden "overheads".  More stars are recognising our worth, like Gary Anderson who donated £1,000 , Glen Durrant who has raised more than £3,000 and has at least 5 other fundraisers planned for this year.

     Glen has taken us to his heart after we helped Darren, a disabled darts player. Ambassador Paul Brown has visited Middlesbrough a couple of times now on my behalf as, due to ill health, i do not travel so much now. Paul is impressed by the way Glen and his friends make him so welcome and I thank him for representing both me and the Charity at home and internationally.


   Ambassador Deta is no longer "The Dark Destroyer" , but "The Heart of Darts" and has been doing a marvellous job representing us on T.V while winning more tites to retain her World No 1 position. Countless thanks to the World's Favourite Lady Dartist for her terrific gesture -- we love you even more if that's possible !

    Andy is playing really well again and is a smidgeon from Lakeside qualification. Of course he retains his position as the most popular dart player in the world. Keep an eye on facebook for future dates and current news and do support our events if possible. All our stars are very happy to meet and if time permits play you.

We have found a new supplier of our shirts and will be pushing ahead with an exciting new range. contact Paul - details on facebook - for more info on orders.

 Make sure you get the size right when you talk to Paul.

   I must congratulate Sue Baker on her appointment as our first Charity Support Officer - I created this new position to reflect her outstanding work and support for thr Heart of Darts. Of course sue is an ambassador in the true sense of the word and deserves the accolades she receives.

See Stop Press for really exciting news of support  and recognition by The  English Darts Organisation -- brilliant ! Also news of more purchases that are bringing joy and fresh hope to more of our little people -- your hearts should be glowing with pride, my angels.


                                 Bless you all, my darlings , many thanks for

                                    gladdening my reconditioned old heart,

                                               lots of love 'n' hugs 




Chairman's Chat

TELE : 020 8508 0751

EMAIL: heartofdartsianw@aol.co.uk

address : 71 Valley Hill Loughton Essex IG10 3AT

 Reg Charity number : 1100678