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Hello darling friends, colleagues and supporters everywhere. It is with great pleasure I report to you once again.

I would like to lay a ghost to rest. You lovely Heart of Darters are the best supporters anyone could be blessed with. Quite often opinions are voiced to me or my officers -- not with vindictiveness, rather distress, bewilderment or just concern. Currently the subject that upsets people the most Is the relationship, or the lack of it, with us, the BDO and Prostrate cancer UK. I am constantly asked why the BDO elected to very publicly adopt PC UK as Its chosen charity rather then H o D. Answer -- I do not know. I suspect It Is largely due to the publicity surrounding Martin Adams, ever popular player and much admired ex captain of England. Thank God Martin responded well to the treatment and Is back playing. Cancer Is a very emotive subject and generates huge publicity. It Is a worthy cause -- nobody denies that. What folk do not understand Is why PC UK benefits greatly while our, charity Is largely ignored, bearing In mind H o D Is a charity run exclusively voluntarily by dart players and supporters. Those who run the big charities earn high wages and generous expenses. We do not pay wages, claim no dubious expenses or have hidden "overheads". We give virtually ALL money to benefit our applicants, just pay unavoidable expenses like postage. I set the Charity up not only to help the disabled who had no chance of help elsewhere, but to promote the best side of dart players who rarely have their generosity recognised. The "Heart" In our title refers to the kindness, compassion and generosity of dartists at all levels.

So, as to why we still plod along without sponsorship -- I do not know. In their defense, the BDO have let us sell our merchandise at County and other events. Also, there Is no problem with Tracy and PC UK . We are not In competition, there Is no animosity, In fact Tracy sells our pins at PC events, bless her, for which I am very thankful. 

My Ambassadors do a great job and all you loyal, wonderful folk have supported us for 19 years. So, although I would greatly appreciate some practical sponsorship and recognition for our charity, I'm past getting upset. Re the PDC -- no problems either. I was invited to the PDC world championships by Barry Hearn who knew all about us and explained that they pledge their support to Haven Hospice. However, Barry said he was impressed by our work and felt he had to do something for us. Two weeks later I received two thousand euros from the PDC. I then had £1000 from Gary Anderson -- what kindness. 

I like to think the H o D transgresses all differences. We are non political, non racist, non religious restrictive -- just here to help through the extreme compassion of dartists at all levels everywhere. 

Sorry I can not be more definitive with answers, but now you know as much or as little as I do. You should understand that we have no complaints and no influence over BDO decisions. Several individual officials do actively support our work and I have always greatly appreciated that. We should all take great pleasure and enjoyment from doing our bit to help those less fortunate who desperately need a helping hand when they are at their lowest. The Heart of Darts adopts this attitude -- you ARE the Charity -- you ARE the Heart in darts, be as proud of yourselves as I am of you. Enjoy your sport, enjoy your compassion, may your Gods always smile warmly on you.

Eternal thanks to you all. Keep enjoying all you do, I will bring you more good news soon, much love, respect 'n' hugs from your grateful Chairmen.



I am getting many supportive and sympathetic comments about the above. Thank you and please keep them coming. I may print a few excerpts soon.

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