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Hello darling friends, colleagues and supporters everywhere. It is with great pleasure I report to you once again.

We continue doing great work in helping our less able bodied fellow beings improve their quality of life. Last year we bought several electric wheelchairs to help our friends to get around and enjoy the great outdoors again. A special £9K conversion kit machine now lets a partially paralyzed lady move around her home and get out to socialize -- a joyful freedom she thought was completely lost to her.

One of our smaller people received an American custom made safety buggy so her mum can now take her anywhere knowing that she is completely safe and comfortable -- a huge stress relief for all concerned. A strong, purpose made walker enables another of our severely disabled tots to enjoy a degree of movement thought to be beyond his ability and he and his family are hugely benefiting from his pleasure at being involved in games and activities with other children. Over £18K of equipment was supplied.

We have also been able to help in advising or helping folk to get the help they need. We are not experts, but use the knowledge we have gained over the last 19 years since we started. Often, when your back is to the wall, you can find it difficult to know which way turn, so a different point of perception can pinpoint something you had not considered or been aware of. Sometimes a chat about problems and frustrations can help clear the air or offload some stress. What may seem tiny blips in life to some of us, to the harassed people that face these barriers they can grow until they seem insurmountable. Every person who has to deal with disability, whether it be their own or someone else's, will experience the many frustrations they have to deal with daily, not least the beaurocratic red tape they increasingly encounter from our hard pressed national resources departments. These poor souls need sympathy and a real understanding of the pressures they face and -- most of all -- positive help and the restoration of hope.

I thank my God for being surrounded by wonderful, compassionate, loyal supporters like you. I do not think you all fully realise just how much of a difference you make to people's lives, the happiness and relief you bring to them, the return of faith in fellow beings. Well, my angels, I realise and I bless you all for it. The money you raise makes all these good things happen. You bring the sunshine to dispel shadows, open new horizons where there were narrow confines, replace nightmares with happy dreams, restore hope to the hopeless and put great big smiles on sad faces. Your are the stars -- you are fantastic -- you ARE the Charity. Without you and your help the world would be a sadder place and The Heart Of Darts would not exist. I know that on that far off day when you meet your maker, he will smile warmly, put his hand on your shoulder and say "Come on in, you are very welcome, you have certainly done your bit."

We all, I know congratulate our Ambassadors Deta and Glen. Deta Is the most prolific title winner in the history of Ladies Darts with more than 130 ranked titles to her name. I do not think anyone will ever equal her. Glen Is a triple World Champion.Then we have World Champ Andy who topped a snap poll as The Most Popular Dart Player In The World, with the legendary Leighton Rees a close runner up. What a trio! We are all so proud and grateful that they have chosen to support The Heart Of Darts and for all they do and the thousands they raise for us. Why not make it a Quintet of World Champ Supporters? Ted Hankey and Gary Anderson have each given us £1,000 of their earnings to demonstrate their belief in us.

Everlasting thanks to the wonderful players in the London banks and insurance leagues for their continued loyal support. Many kiddies are benefiting from their generosity. Bless you all. 

Eternal thanks to you all. Keep enjoying all you do, I will bring you more good news soon, much love, respect 'n' hugs from your grateful Chairmen.



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