Hello darlings, everywhere. 

With your continued support we continue to brighten many lives. This year we have already bought two safety buggies, a wheelchair and a wheelchair conversion kit for people across the country. Thus, these folk are now enjoying a vastly increased social life plus their families obviously benefit too. If only you could hear the comments and see the joy your gifts bring I feel certain your days would be greatly enhanced. 

Our funds are raised in many ways thanks to your ingenuity and compassion. It is not just our wonderful super star supporters like Glen Durrant, Dan Day, Gary and Bob Anderson, Deta, Mervyn King, Jamie Caven, Ian White, Steve Beaton, Andy, Robbo, Tony and Darryl etc, but the myriad players and supporters both here and abroad who constantly fill our coffers enabling us to buy the things we do. Every one who gives is equally a star in my eyes and I am so grateful for your loyalty. I am well aware how much support everyone gets from their family members and they can be assured they are not forgotten and their help is very much appreciated. Also all those who assist people like Dan and Paul when they stage events--You're an integral part of the proceedings and we couldn't manage without you. 

Arriva under the guidance of Scott adopted us and as well as holding collections bravely took on and conquered the Three Peaks Challenge, raising more than £2000. Bless them all and every one that contributed. A little disabled person now has a special buggy thanks to their efforts. Bromley Court staff responded magnificently to an appeal from Jenny Fordham and consequently another mini person is a lot happier. 

I must also thank Gary and the London Leagues for their continued cash injections. Also all of the County supporters who donate when they come to Essex and to Sue and Lynn in particular. Of course, our super Ambassadors continue to do a marvellous job. My thanks and respect also to those of you who have taken out covenants, it is a wonderful way to continually help our Charity. Should any of you wish to help with a regular donation, no matter how small, please contact me, thank you so much.  

I apologise profusely for the delay in updating the website, but we have experienced many problems due to the loss of our website lady and my total incompetence with the technical side of things! My grandchildren tell me I am still in the Jurassic age regarding computers. I will try hard to keep you up to date with the help of Lewis who has stepped into the breach--I thank him for coming to my rescue. 


                                 Bless you all, my darlings , many thanks for

                                    gladdening my reconditioned old heart,

                                               lots of love 'n' hugs 




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