Hello darlings.

​Many apologies for the delay In updating the website. Several months In hospital capped by four strokes and a heart attack put me out of action for a year or so. About the only thing I did not suffer from was Covid! My eternal thanks go to our wonderful NHS staff and all the hospitals I was treated In.

It was while I was In Lister Hospital that I was told of Andy's passing. We lost our World Ambassador, darts lost It's most popular star, Jenny lost her husband, Emily and Raymond lost their Dad and I lost my beloved best friend. The world lost a gentle giant and Is poorer for It, we're all poorer for It. I will never stop missing my big hearted, cuddly mate. 

I have decided to leave Andy's photo and name on the website as a lasting tribute to this wonderful man -- I hope you understand and approve.

I am sure that I speak for us all by sending Jenny and the family all our best wishes, sympathy and fondest love.

On a happier note, we have survived the hard times thanks to several loyal supporters and our hard working Ambassadors. Two diamonds In particular came to our aid at our leanest time. Anne and Bob donated the cost of a life changing machine to enable a young lady achieve her dream of being mobile -- bless them for their compassion and generosity. This Is the second time this remarkable couple have done this -- their place In Heaven Is surely secured.

Deta, Les, Colleen and Jim especially worked above and beyond the norm to make It possible for us to buy two more electric wheel chairs with the help of the members of COLDA, too. Of course there are many others to thank, I have just tried to give you an idea of what has been happening. You're all stars, no matter how large or small your contribution you all deserve praise for helping at this most difficult time. A million thanks are not enough. 

Be assured we're still In operation, we still need your support. I don't Intend going anywhere for a good many years yet. Anyway, It's another milestone for me In September, 80 years young -- and I want my cake! 

How great that darts Is coming back to us all after the enforced drought. Barry Hern did a wonderful job keeping things going and now we're all getting the opportunity to play again. I am sure you all agree how empty our social calendar as been without our much loved sport. It Is not the standard we play at that Is most important, rather the pleasure we get from the company we're In on darts nights.

Enjoy yourselves and appreciate the friends you have around you. Life Is too short to waste by being miserable. 

I will close for now and sincerely hope you all stay happy, safe and well.

Lots of thanks, love 'n' hugs from the Wrinkly Rocker, Aka Ian




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