Hello darlings.

I apologise for lack of change with the website but with no darts there is little to report on. If you have any suggestions re content please email me. Mean time, thanks for your patience and understanding. 

It Is with great sadness that I write about the passing of our beloved Trustee, World Ambassador Andy Fordham. The Viking Is a rare breed of man -- a true legend and world champion, revered throughout the darting world. Yet he remained humble, compassionate and honest. Andy had the charisma and naturel ability to make you believe that he was there for you, his time was for you and he cared about you. 

All these qualities combined to make him the most popular player In the world year after year. He was applauded wherever he went and the room lit up when he was In It. When In Japan he was mobbed by children who believed he was a real giant. Of course he was -- a giant who brought happiness to everyone, lucky enough to meet him. 

Away from darts he was a loving husband to his beautiful Jenny, much loved father to Emily and Raymond, adored Grandad and Uncle to the family and brought great pride to his parents and In-laws. Yes, he ad his faults, but battled to correct them and succeeded with determination and the love and support from Jenny. 

Our Viking will be sorely missed, but never forgotten. He has a permanent and deserved place In dart's Hall of Fame. I am honoured to say he was much more then a great support to me and the Charity -- he was a great friend and I love him and miss him enormously. However, he has left many happy memories to treasure and a warm glow In my old heart which will never fade. Many thanks to all who donated In memory of Andy, a fine tribute. 

Accolades must go to friends and family of Stephen Grimsey who also passed recently. A well liked and breezy character who was heavily involved In local darts and Chelmsford Social Club and will be greatly missed by many. Thanks and commiserations to his loving family from all at the Heart of Darts for organising donations to our Charity. 

I must thank everybody who organises donations as a tribute to and in memory of those who have died. To think that even In passing they have helped others Is a wonderful thing and must bring some comfort to their loved ones. Bless you all and we sincerely hope our friends do rest In peace.

So there Is some good news among the sad. I believe things will improve In the future although we may have to adapt and adopt new ideas and ways of living. This pandemic has touched us all and we must work together to beat It. Be strong, be safe, be well my lovelies. Bless you and yours. 

Lots of love 'n' virtual hugs as always from your friend


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