Hello darling friends, colleagues and supporters everywhere. It is with great pleasure I report to you once again.

CELEBRATIONS !!! We are In our twentieth year. Yes, It Is really that long since we started. Thanks to all you wonderful supporters a lot of people -- especially very ill children -- are enjoying an easier and happier life then they had originally. More than £180,000 has been raised through your compassion and generosity. I am so very proud of you all. Heart of Darters are part of one of life's success stories and I like to think of us as a huge family all pulling together to help those less fortunate. 

We have followers all over the world : from UK to Canada, USA, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, India, Scandinavia, Jamaica, Thailand, Russia and Jenny just heard from Mozhgan who Is promoting us In Iran. Truly an international Charity.

There are so many people to thank that It Is impossible to name you individually, but whether you raised thousands, a few pounds or just buy some merchandise you are all cogs that unite to form the complete machine that runs the Heart of Darts so successfully, bless you. 

We have encountered difficulties, weathered unfounded rumours spitefulness, stood firm against criticism and jealousy and survived the lean times. How? Thanks to your belief and trust in us and your magnificent support and loyalty. 

You know how we run things, you know we do it voluntarily with no personal financial reward or wages. You know we are dedicated and united In our aim to improve the quality of lives to bring hope, help and happiness to as many as possible. We operate a great system which checks and investigates the legitimacy of every application to ensure only the most needy and genuine benefit. Our team negotiate the best deals possible when purchasing to ensure we get the most benefit for your donations. The Trustee's do a marvellous job In safeguarding the funds to ensure every penny spent Is absolutely necessary. We buy the items best suited to beneficiaries' needs with advice from medical experts. 

In short, we do everything possible to use your cash to the best and most benefit possible and I believe that Is one of the reasons for our success. You trust us and that means everything to us -- thank you, darlings.

We must pay tribute to the much revered Olly Croft, founder of the BDO. Hundreds of facts and accolades have been printed and spoken, so I will not repeat them here. Suffice to say -- rest in peace, Olly, you created a wonderful thing that ensured you became part of history -- always to be admired and never be forgotten. Incidentally, I thank the Croft family for making a donation to The Heart of Darts from a collection at Olly's funeral. What a lovely gesture for which all the Trustees are grateful. 

Lets us hope that 2020 Is very good to us all in every way possible. May your God bless and keep you in good health and safety. 

As ever, you have my eternal thanks, love 'n' hugs, your friend and Chairmen,



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