Hello darlings.

Sorry to start with sad news again, but Rab Scott has passed away. Many of you will know Rab who was an Essex league, County and England player. Always liked and respected wherever he went, Rab so nearly achieved ultimate stardom. Who could forget his tussle with John Lowe at Lakeside having knocked out Eric Bristow In the World Championships. Unfortunately, Old Stone Face emerged victorious, but knew he had been In a fight. Rab leaves a wife, three daughters and their families. To say he will missed Is an understatement. As Rab was a dedicated supporter, his lovely family decided instead of flower tributes donations should be made The Heart of Darts. Thank you for this wonderful thought, even in his next life, Rab continues to help those In this one. 

Similar donations have been received from friends and families of Sam Hawkins, Sheila Busby and others.

I must thank all our loyal friends who have been sending In small donations. From £2 to £100, every gift Is welcomed and appreciated. Without you we would be In great danger of folding, so never, ever feel your gift Is insignificant -- It Is our life blood. Thank you does not seem adequate, but I don't know what else to say except you have my eternal love and gratitude. 

Frequently I am asked about the future of Darts now the BDO has collapsed. Well, I just do not know. It remains a total mystery. The new company that set themselves up to replace the old firm has not released any news and seem to wish to remain anonymous In face and deed. Certainly there is no World Championships or any programme of competitions. Let us hope someone, somewhere will release a statement, but do not hold your breathe. 

Now the good news. We are still here, still operating, still trying albeit with very limited funds. I know times are very difficult for everyone which makes those little donations even more precious. Bless you my Survival Squad, you're Angels.   

I am so sorry that our website is not bursting with information, but obviously we have no news to report due to the restrictions that are affecting us all. Let us all pray that things will relax soon.

As always eternal thanks, love 'n' hugs from your slightly nutty chairman and friend 



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