Hello darlings.

Hello darlings,  many apologies for the delay in writing.  A combination of kidney disease, organ failure, septicaemia, 4 strokes, 3 heart attacks,  heart surgery and 5 hospitals all combined to put me out of action for some 18 months.  I am left with a whisper and major loss of movement, but have survived thanks to the wonderful magicians and angels of the NHS,  my guardians and the love and support of my family and closest friends. My grandson, Lewis, has stepped up and is writing this as I dictate, bless him. And bless everyone who has kept me on this mortal coil. I must have worried so many good folk with the touch and go scenario -- as Bobby George remarked, "You've had more last rights than there are on the M1,". My life style has changed dramatically, but I will keep going as long as possible with our magnificent Charity.

This is why I was unable to attend the tribute to our beloved Andy at the O2 which was very upsetting for me.  I was in Lister Hospital  when he died, in Princess Alexandra when the funeral took place and "confined to quarters" when the Viking Cup was contested, so you can understand why I was so very upset. Along with many others I loved this  big man with the golden heart and overwhelming  presence and personality and am sure I speak for everyone when I send Jenny and the family tons of love and sympathy.  We may have lost a living Legend,  but his place in darting history is assured.  God bless and keep you safe my friend -- there is an empty place in my heart now.

As a tribute the Viking Cup was a massive success.  There were teething problems, but Wayne and his team were a bit stunned by just how many turned out for the event.  Jenny tells me it is all noted and will help improve matters for this year's event. If you have any comments please drop me a line or several on  heartofdartsianw@aol.co.uk  and I will pass them on, it will help to rectify any problems you encountered at the event,  thanks.

To cheer you up  £10,000 was raised and three very poorly children have all had life enhancing equipment bought with the proceeds. So , Wayne, Jenny and the team, all the volunteers and all who attended should feel very proud of what you achieved. Congratulations to Richie , the winner and thanks to you all from the bottom of my reconditioned heart.  I am sure Andy is smiling down on you, too.

So, rest assured that we are still in business and doing good work.  More thanks go to the many who kept us solvent__ Tracey and John, Ann and Bob, Les, Sue, Clacton Ladies, Essex Ladies, London I.L. and all who I don't have room enough to name -- you know who you are and how we feel. Thanks and blessings to all. I will not leave it so long now. .Stay safe, well and happy, my friends.

Love 'n' hugs from your patched up, slightly wonky Chairman and buddy, 

Ian  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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